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Join a conference

You can join only one conference at a time on your device. If you are in a conference and try to join another on the same device, you are prompted to leave the existing conference. If you have more than one device associated with your
BBM Enterprise
user account, you can join the same conference from each device, or join multiple conferences from multiple devices.
  1. To join a conference, do one of the following:
    • If you received an invitation from a one-to-one chat, swipe right on the incoming call screen.
    • If you received an invitation from a group chat, tap Join. Optionally, you can tap Share to invite other participants.
    • If you received an invitation that was shared in another app, tap or click the conference link.
  2. After you join the conference, you can do any of the following:
    • To turn on your microphone, click The microphone icon.
    • To turn on your camera, click The video chat icon.
    • To share your screen, click The share screen icon. If you have multiple screens, select the screen that you want share.
    • To start a chat in the conference, click The start chat icon.