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BlackBerry Dynamics
connectivity and routing behavior

BlackBerry UEM
has several options that allow administrators to control how
BlackBerry Dynamics
traffic is routed. Routing for
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps is affected by:
  • The assigned
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    connectivity profile
  • The
    BlackBerry Proxy
    web proxy server configuration
  • App-specific settings (for example,
    BlackBerry Access
    web proxy server configuration)
Before you configure routing, ensure that the correct ports are open and that you have network connectivity to the
BlackBerry Dynamics NOC
. For more information, see Port requirements in the Planning content and Sending BlackBerry Dynamics app data through an HTTP proxy.
This documentation discusses only configurations that affect overall routing. App-specific configuration may be required for apps to connect to specific servers (for example, for
BlackBerry Work
configured with the URL of the
Microsoft Exchange Server
). Review the documentation for each app to understand which app configurations to apply.