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Renew the APNs certificate

The APNs certificate is valid for one year. You must renew the APNs certificate each year before it expires. The certificate must be renewed using the same
ID that you used to obtain the original APNs certificate.
You can create an email event notification to remind you to renew the certificate 30 days before it expires.
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Settings > External integration > Apple Push Notification
  2. Click
    Renew certificate
  3. In the
    Step 1 of 3 - Download signed CSR certificate from BlackBerry
    section, click
    Download certificate
  4. Click
    to save the signed CSR file (.scsr) to your computer.
  5. In the
    Step 2 of 3 - Request APNs certificate from Apple
    section, click
    Apple Push Certificate Portal
    . You are directed to the
    Push Certificates Portal.
  6. Sign in to the
    Push Certificates Portal using the same
    ID that you used to obtain the original APNs certificate.
  7. Follow the instructions to renew the APNs certificate (.pem). You will need to upload the new signed CSR. Note that if the following error displays: "You have uploaded an invalid file type. Supported file extensions are .txt, .rtf, .plist, .b64.",  you can rename the .scsr file to a .txt file format, and upload the CSR again.
  8. Download and save the renewed APNs certificate on your computer.
  9. In the
    Step 3 of 3 - Register APNs certificate
    section, click
    . Navigate to and select the renewed APNs certificate.
  10. Click
To test the connection between
BlackBerry UEM
and the APNs server, click
Test APNs certificate