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Considerations: Migrating users from a source server

Keep the following things in mind when you migrate users to a destination 
BlackBerry UEM
Maximum number to migrate
You can migrate a maximum of 1000 users at a time from a source. 
If you select more than the maximum number of users, only the maximum number are migrated to the destination 
BlackBerry UEM
. The remaining users are skipped. Repeat the migration process as many times as necessary to migrate all the users from the source server.
BlackBerry UEM
 times out while migrating 1000 users, try migrating fewer users.
Email address
  • Only users with an associated email address can be migrated.
  • You can't migrate a user who already uses the same email address in the destination 
    BlackBerry UEM
    . These users do not appear in the list of users to migrate.
  • If two users in the source database have the same email address, only one user is displayed on the Migrate users screen.
  • After migration, the user must use the same login information for 
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
     that they used before migration.
After migration, local users must change their password after they log in to 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
 for the first time. Users who did not have permission to access 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
 before migration are not automatically granted permission after migration.
  • You can filter users with no group assignment to include this set of users for a migration.
  • You can't migrate a user who is an owner of a shared device group. The user does not appear in the list of users to migrate.