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Windows 10
password requirements

You can choose whether
Windows 10
devices must have a password. If you require a password, you can set the requirements for the password.
Password required for device
Specify whether the user must set a device password.
Allow simple password
Specify whether the password can contain repeated or sequential characters, such as DEFG or 3333.
Minimum password length
Specify the minimum length of the password. The password must be at least 4 characters.
Password complexity
Specify the complexity of the password. You can choose the following options:
  • Alphanumeric - the password must contain letters and numbers
  • Numeric - the password must contain only numbers
Minimum number of character types
Specify the minimum number of character types that an alphanumeric password must contain. Select from the following options:
  1. numbers required
  2. numbers and lowercase letters required
  3. numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters required
  4. numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters required
Password character requirements for
Windows 10
computers and tablets are determined by the user account type, not this setting.
Password expiration
Specify the maximum number of days that the password can be used. If set to 0, the password does not expire.
Password history
Specify the number of previous passwords that a device checks to prevent a user from reusing a recent password. If set to 0, the device does not check previous passwords.
Maximum failed password attempts
Specify the number of times that a user can enter an incorrect password before the device is wiped. If set to 0, the device is not wiped regardless of how many times the user enters an incorrect password.
This rule does not apply to devices that allow multiple user accounts, including
Windows 10
computers and tablets.
Maximum inactivity time lock
Specify the period of user inactivity that must elapse before the device locks. If set to 0, the device does not lock automatically.
Allow idle return without password
Specify whether a user must type the password when the idle grace period ends. If this rule is selected, the user can set the password grace period timer on the device. This rule does not apply to
Windows 10
computers and tablets.
For more information about the IT policy password rules, download the Policy Reference Spreadsheet.