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Considerations for using a specific Managed Google Play account when setting up a factory reset protection profile

If your organization uses a Managed 
Google Play
 account, you might want to consider using the "Enable and specify Google account credentials when the device is reset to factory settings" option in the factory reset protection profile because a 
 account does not exist on your organization's devices that you use to reset the device and therefore factory reset protection is not available on the device. 
If you decide to use the "Enable and specify 
 account credentials when the device is reset to factory settings" option, there are several factors for you to consider:
  • Ensure that the 21-digit user ID that you enter in the profile is correct. If this number does not match your organization's 
     account that you want to use, there is no way to clear factory reset protection on the device after it has been triggered. For more information, see Manually obtain a user ID for a Google account.
  • In the IT policy for your organizations's users who you assign the factory reset protection profile to, 
     recommends that you clear the "Allow factory reset" option. Clearing the option disables the factory reset option in the device settings and disables the deactivate button in the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
    .This ensures that users do not use the untrusted deactivation option in the 
    UEM Client
     which always triggers Factory Reset Protection on the device. When this option is enabled, users must contact their organization's 
    BlackBerry UEM
     administrator to have their device reset.
  • Provide information to your organization's users about the factory reset protection experience on the device and the procedure they should use to clear factory reset protection when it is triggered on the device. For more information, see Clear factory reset protection from a device. The 
    BlackBerry UEM
     administrator must choose if they want to provide the account details to users to clear factory reset protection or if the users will need to have local support personnel unlock the device.