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Restricting or allowing device capabilities

When you configure IT policy rules, you can restrict or allow device capabilities. The IT policy rules available for each device type are determined by the device OS and version and by the device activation type. For example, depending on the device and activation type, you can use IT policy rules to:
  • Enforce password requirements for the device or the work space on a device
  • Prevent users from using device features, such as the camera
  • Control connections that use
    wireless technology
  • Control the availability of certain apps
  • Require encryption and other security features
Depending on the device activation type, you can use IT policy rules to control the entire device, only the work space on a device, or both.
8.0 and later devices, you can create a device support message that displays on the device for some features when they are disabled by IT policy rules.
For more information about the IT policy rules for each device type, download the Policy Reference Spreadsheet.