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How factory reset protection responds to device resets

There are several ways that a device can be reset to the default factory settings. Depending on which way that the device is reset, factory reset protection responds differently. For more information about trusted and untrusted resets, visit to read KB56972.
  • Deactivation of the
    BlackBerry UEM Client
    is not considered a trusted reset because the device user is not verified before the device is deactivated. Therefore factory reset protection is triggered when the device resets and the deactivation has completed.
  • Sending the "Delete all device data" command from the management console can be either a trusted or untrusted reset. If you select the "Remove factory reset protection" option when you send the command, factory reset protection is not triggered when the device resets.
  • Resetting the device from device settings requires the user to authenticate themselves before the reset. This is considered a trusted reset and factory reset protection is not triggered.
  • Device bootloader/recovery or debugging tools (ADB) can be used to reset the device to factory settings and are considered untrusted because the user identity is not validated before the factory reset occurs. Therefore factory reset protection is triggered when the device resets.