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Sample apps in Objective-C

Visit Dynamics SDK Samples to view and download the following sample apps. In the SDK package, the samples are stored in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS/Examples/objective-c. The apps use
It is recommended to make a copy of the source code in another location before making any changes. Reinstalling or upgrading will overwrite or even remove the sample apps in the default location.
Sample app
Demonstrates how to create an app that can import a user's PKI credentials using the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Certificate Credential Import API.
For more information, see Certificate Credential Import and Creating user credential profiles for app-based certificates in the
UEM Administration Guide
Demonstrates how to search for, create, and subscribe to client services (AppKinetics). The sample demonstrates these concepts by implementing a consumer and a provider for the Transfer File service. It is intended as a starting point for developers making use of
BlackBerry Dynamics
AppKinetics services.
This app also demonstrates how to support multiple UIWindow objects.
AppKinetics save/edit client and server
Demonstrates how to write a client and a server that use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Inter Container Communications API (also known as AppKinetics).
Bypass Unlock
Demonstrates how part of the application user interface can remain accessible after the
BlackBerry Dynamics
idle time out has expired. Bypass Unlock can be allowed or disallowed by implementing an application policy (see Adding custom policies for your app to the UEM management console). The ViewController that bypasses the unlock screen can be opened by pressing the volume controls if the application is in the foreground, or by using the auxiliary 'notifier' application (from the sub-project) if the application is in background.
Core Data
Demonstrates how to use
BlackBerry Dynamics
with a Core Data Incremental Data Store backed by an encrypted SQLite database. The sample shows how Core Data can be used to securely store a sample set of 20,000 fictional employee details and their office locations.
Crypto C
Demonstrates how to use the Crypto C language programming interface that allows an app to retrieve public key certificates that are stored in the
BlackBerry Dynamics
credentials store and use those certificates for signing and verification of messages and documents such as PDFs.
Greetings client and greetings server
Provides a client/server example of how to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Services API to communicate securely between two applications.
Remote DB
Demonstrates how to use
BlackBerry Dynamics
Remote Settings and DB APIs. The sample allows you to configure remote settings in the management console, and upon receipt, it stores them in the secure DB. Any changes to the settings are automatically synchronized and stored.
This app also demonstrates the use of the GDiOS.executeBlock and GDiOS.executeUnblock APIs that can be used to locally block or unblock a user’s access to the UI of a BlackBerry Dynamics app.
RSS Reader
Demonstrates how to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Secure Communications APIs to access resources behind the enterprise firewall.
If cellular access is enabled for a feed, the name of the feed is green in the app. If cellular access is not enabled for a feed, the name of the feed is black in the app.
Secure Storage
Demonstrates how to use the secure storage APIs, specifically the secure SQL database and secure file systems APIs.
Server-based Services
Provides a starting point for developers making use of
BlackBerry Dynamics
Server based Services. It retrieves the details of the google.timezone.service using getServiceProvidersFor. The sample prompts the user to supply a latitude and longitude and retrieves the corresponding results from
Before running this sample, make sure serviceId is created and associated with some existing app along with its endpoint details in the management console. Also, a user who is running this sample must have permission in the management console to run it.
timezone service is publicly available:
The SwiftUI sample app pairs with Basic-iOS-Swift to provide examples of
apps before and after integrating
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
. The two samples demonstrate features commonly used in
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps, including secure file storage, secure database, and secure communication (HTTP/S and Socket).