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Remove the previous integration with the separate 
BlackBerry Analytics

If you previously integrated the separate 
BlackBerry Analytics
 SDK with your 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 app, when you upgrade to use SDK version 8.0, do the following to remove the previous integration:
  1. Remove 
     from the Link Binary With Libraries build phase.
  2. Remove 
     from the Copy Bundle Resources build phase.
  3. Remove the following method calls within your project:
    • BlackberryAnalytics.setStage()
    • BlackberryAnalytics.hostInitializationCompleted()
  4. Change the import for the 
     header from 
    #import <BAFBlackberryAnalytics/BAFBlackberryAnalytics.h>
    #import <GD/BAFBlackberryAnalytics.h>
Once you upgrade to SDK version 8.0, no additional development effort is required to enable your 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 app to use 
BlackBerry Analytics
. To enable data collection and use of the 
BlackBerry Analytics
 portal, your organization must purchase the 
BlackBerry Analytics
 entitlement and the 
 administrator must assign the entitlement to users or groups. For more information about the 
BlackBerry Analytics
 requirements, entitlement, and accessing the portal, see the BlackBerry Analytics documentation.