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Prepare an app to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
static framework

  1. In the
    Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content
    list of the project target, add references to the following frameworks to the list of frameworks used in the project. These frameworks are installed in
    Xcode build system
    • GD.framework
    • BlackBerryCerticom.xcframework
    • BlackBerryCerticomSBGSE.xcframework
    Legacy Xcode build system
    • GD.framework
    • BlackBerryCerticom.framework
    • BlackBerryCerticomSBGSE.framework
  2. Set both
    frameworks to
    Embed and Sign
    so that
    will change the project file by adding the frameworks to the Embed Frameworks step in the Build Phases and will configure the Runpath Search Paths accordingly.
  3. In the
    Supporting Files
    group, add a reference to GD.framework/Resources/GDAssets.bundle.
  4. If you are using the legacy
    build system, add the following Run Script step to the project's build phases to remove the x86_64 slices from the frameworks when building for a device:
    if [ ${PLATFORM_NAME} == "iphoneos" ]; then FRAMEWORKS_PATH="${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${WRAPPER_NAME}/Frameworks" for frameworkName in BlackBerryCerticom BlackBerryCerticomSBGSE do FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH=${FRAMEWORKS_PATH}/${frameworkName}.framework/$frameworkName FRAMEWORK_TMP_PATH="${FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH}-tmp" lipo -remove "x86_64" "$FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH" -output "$FRAMEWORK_TMP_PATH" rm "$FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH" mv "$FRAMEWORK_TMP_PATH" "$FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH" done fi