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Implementing automated testing for
BlackBerry Dynamics

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
includes the
BlackBerry Dynamics
Automated Test Support Library (ATSL) to support automated testing for your
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps. The library is delivered as a dynamic framework.
The library includes helper functions for testing common user interactions in
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps, such as activation and authorization. The configuration and structure of the library is compatible with the tools offered by
for user interface testing. It makes use of the following components:
  • XCTest framework
  • Accessibility identifiers
For more information about these components and
user interface testing, see Apple Documentation Archive: User Interface Testing.
You can use the
BlackBerry Dynamics
library and the native library components mentioned above to automate the building, execution, and reporting of your application tests.
Since the
BlackBerry Dynamics
ATSL is delivered as a framework, you cannot make your own changes to it. If you want to review the implementation and customize it, you can see the source in
You can get the ATSL framework using Cocoa pods (see Configure a new or existing BlackBerry Dynamics app to use the dynamic framework).