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Add automated testing to your
BlackBerry Dynamics

The following steps assume that the target app is already configured to use the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
  1. If necessary, create a target in the project to run user interface tests. The target must have the type “iOS UI Testing Bundle”.
  2. Add the
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    ATSL to the target for UI tests. Add the following to your applications podfile:
    pod 'BlackBerryDynamicsAutomatedTestSupportLibrary', :podspec => ''
  3. If the test code is written in
    , you must add the umbrella header to the bridging header, as required by
    . Add
    "#import <BlackBerryDynamicsAutomatedTestSupportLibrary/AutomatedTestSupportLibrary.h>"
    to the bridging header.
  4. Add or write code for your app tests. Use the helper functions in the ATSL in your test code.
You can use the code for the app tests in any of the sample apps as a starting point. The first app test,
, executes
BlackBerry Dynamics
activation and unlock as an automated test.