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Install the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS
static framework

Support for the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS
static framework is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
recommends using the SDK dynamic framework. See using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK dynamic framework for more information.
  • Visit BlackBerry Developer Downloads to download the SDK package. When you click the link, you are prompted to log in to the Developer site with your
    BlackBerry Online Account
    . If you don’t already have an account, you can register and create one.
  • As an alternative to the standard static SDK library, you can use the SDK dynamic framework.
  1. In the
    GUI (not a shell), uncompress the SDK package.
  2. Double-click
  3. Follow the prompts to install the standard or advanced package.
    If you use the customized installation, you must install the core SDK. It is recommended that you include the code samples in the installation, and that you select the same folder as the core SDK.
The SDK artifacts are installed in the following default locations:
  • The main artifacts are installed in ~/Library/Application Support/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS.
  • For every framework in the Frameworks subfolder, a soft link is created in /Library/Frameworks.
  • Every framework in the Frameworks subfolder is copied to the
    folder that is currently active (as returned by
    xcode-select -p