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Configure a new or existing
BlackBerry Dynamics
app to use the dynamic framework

  1. Choose one of the following methods to configure the app to use the
    BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
    dynamic framework.
    recommends using the CocoaPods method.
    Use CocoaPods
    1. If you don’t have an existing pod file, use the following commands to create one:
      cd ‘<project_directory>’ pod init
    2. Add the following reference to the
      BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
      pod 'BlackBerryDynamics', :podspec => ''
      pod 'BlackBerryDynamics'
    3. To add the BlackBerry Dynamics ATSL to the target app for UI tests, add the following pod:
      pod 'BlackBerryDynamicsAutomatedTestSupportLibrary'
    4. If default.xcconfig is used by your application, add the following to the end of your Podfile:
      post_install do |installer| # Append configuration from default.xcconfig to configuration generated by Cocoapods if Dir.glob("**/default.xcconfig").first() system("find Pods -name 'Pods-*.xcconfig' -exec sh -c 'cat `find . -name default.xcconfig` >> $1' -- {} \\;") end end
    5. Install the pods, then open your .xcworkspace file to see the project in
      $ pod install $ open <your-project>.xcworkspace
    Use the files available in the SDK package
    1. Extract the contents of the
      file from the SDK package to a directory.
    2. In the
      Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content
      list of the project target, add
      Set all of the above frameworks to
      Embed and Sign
      so that
      will change the project file by adding the frameworks to the Embed Frameworks step in the Build Phases and will configure the Runpath Search Paths accordingly.
    3. In the
      Build Settings
      of the project target, update
      Framework Search Paths
      to include the directory of the
      framework files.
    4. In the
      Header Search Paths
      , include the following entry: