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Troubleshooting common issues

Possible solution
Linking problems (for example, undefined symbols)
To verify that you included the necessary frameworks and libraries, check the appendix of the 
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS
 API Reference
Access and password screens are poorly rendered
Verify that 
 has been added to the 
Copy Bundle Resources
 build phase and that the copy of the bundle distributed with the framework has been added to the project.
App crashes
  • A crash in the early stages of the app lifecycle is most likely caused by a configuration issue. Review the errors printed in the logs for details.
  • Initialize the 
    BlackBerry Dynamics
     libraries before calling any other 
    BlackBerry Dynamics
Provisioning error
The email address or access key (PIN) has been incorrectly entered, or an old access key has been used. Double-check the credentials and, if necessary, send a new access key from the 
BlackBerry UEM
 management console.
Blank screen with keyboard when the app is launched
BlackBerry Dynamics
 user interface is not correctly integrated with the app. Verify that 
 is implemented without warnings.
Blank screen after the password is entered
The app was authorized but failed to continue because the 
 event passed to 
 was not handled correctly.
A device command from 
BlackBerry UEM
, such as wipe or lock, did not go into effect immediately
The app was unauthorized but failed to stop running because the 
 event passed to 
 was not handled correctly.