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Link for FIPS in Objective-C or C++

  • If you are not using a default xcconfig file, create one named 
     and configure your build options to use it.
  • In your project build settings, verify that the debug and other build configurations point to 
  1. Add the following lines to the 
     file to ensure that the FIPS canister linking script gd_fipsld is called as part of the build process:
    FIPS_PACKAGE=$(CURRENT_ARCH).sdk LDPLUSPLUS=$(HOME)/Library/Application Support/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS/FIPS_module/$FIPS_PACKAGE/bin/gd_fipsld LD=$(HOME)/Library/Application Support/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS/FIPS_module/$FIPS_PACKAGE/bin/gd_fipsld
  2. Set the deployment target to the required version (see Software requirements).
  3. In the 
    Other Linker Flags
     field in the target build settings, verify that the 
    all_load linker
     flag is not selected.
If your project or app includes at least one 
 language source file, see Link for FIPS in Swift