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Replace the default splash screen for inactive apps

When a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app becomes inactive, a
branded splash screen is displayed by default. You can use either of the following methods to replace the default splash screen with a custom splash screen:
  • Replace the splash screen at build-time:
    In your app’s plist file, add a value using the key UILaunchStoryboardName. The
    BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime
    will try to instantiate a splash screen from the storyboard with this name. By default, the name in
    will be LaunchScreen.
  • Replace the splash screen at runtime:
    Customize the splash screen during the life-cycle of the app (for example, to handle the user experience for specific system events) by using the class GDSplashScreenCustomizer.h and its associated delegate. This class allows you to replace the splash screen with a custom view controller. Follow the instructions below to create an app specific policy so the
    administrator can enable or disable the custom splash screen.
  1. Create a
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    app policy definition file for your app. For implementation details and more information about the file format and elements, see the Application Policies Definition appendix in the API Reference and the BlackBerry Dynamics App Policies Technical Brief.
  2. Add a setting definition for the custom splash screen policy. Specify a name for the key, for example
    . The default value should be
    <setting name="BD_SDK_AllowCustomSplashScreen"> <checkbox> <key>BD_SDK_AllowCustomSplashScreen</key> <label>Allow app to display custom splash screens replacing the default</label> <value>false</value> </checkbox> </setting>
  3. Include the custom splash screen policy setting in the structural section of the file.
    <pview type="tabbed"> <title>BlackBerry Dynamics Features</title> <pview> <heading>Custom Splash Screens</heading> <desc>Describe the custom splash screen feature and what data is displayed on the custom splash screens.</desc> <pe ref="BD_SDK_AllowCustomSplashScreen" /> </pview> </pview>
  4. Coordinate with the
    administrator to upload the app policy for your app in
    . See Manage settings for a BlackBerry Dynamics apps (App configuration > Upload a template). The administrator can now enable the custom splash screen feature.