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Set up S/MIME-protected messaging

You must store a certificate on your device to send digitally signed or encrypted email messages using S/MIME-protected messaging. You can store a certificate by importing it from an email message or a media card.
If you have a work email account that is supported by an EMM solution or a personal 
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
 account and you import a certificate, the certificate is imported into the profile space associated with your account. Certificates imported to the work profile are only available for your work email account, and certificates imported to the personal profile are only available for your personal email account. 
Your device supports certificates in the following file formats and file name extensions:
  • DER (.der, .cer)
  • PEM (.pem, .cer)
  • PFX (.pfx, .p12)
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry Hub+
     Inbox, open an email message with a certificate attachment.
  2. Tap the certificate icon.
  3. Tap 
    Certificate Installer
     and complete the instructions on the screen. 
  4. Tap The back icon.
  5. Tap the gear icon.
  6. In the 
    Accounts & views
     section, tap 
    Manage accounts
    , and then tap an account.
  7. Tap 
    Secure email
  8. Turn on the 
  9. Tap 
    Add certificate
    . Tap a certificate, and then tap 
  10. Tap 
    Default email encoding
    , and then tap an S/MIME option.