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Securing your email

Digitally signing or encrypting messages adds another level of security to email messages that you send from your device. 
Digital signatures are designed to help recipients verify the authenticity and integrity of messages that you send. With S/MIME-protected messages, when you digitally sign a message using your private key, recipients use your public key to verify that the message is from you and that the message hasn't been changed.
Encryption is designed to keep messages confidential. With S/MIME-protected messages, when you encrypt a message, your device uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message. Recipients use their private key to decrypt the message.
To digitally sign or encrypt messages, you need:
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
     email account that supports S/MIME email encryption on your device 
  • An email account that is supported by an EMM solution from 
     or the ability to retrieve certificates over an Exchange server
  • BlackBerry
     device or a subscription to 
    BlackBerry Hub+