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Management console and platform services known issues

Management console
Google Chrome
version 105.0.5195.102 and later, the "Block third-party cookies" option is enabled by default for incognito mode. If you try to log in to the management console while this option is enabled, you may receive a "Sign-in failed" error. (UES-9770)
: Change your
privacy and security settings to allow all cookies, or in the browser settings add [*.] as a site that can always use cookies.
The management console user details (Assets > Users) does not display the TLS version in the
event details screen when the
agent is installed and activated. For more information, visit to read article 99220. (BIG-6300)
The management console unprotected devices screen (Assets > Unprotected devices) occasionally may display incorrect device OS and OS versions. For example,
  • On
    devices, supported OS and OS versions may display as unknown and unsupported, respectively. (UES-9904)
  • On
    devices, unsupported OS versions (for example,
    Windows Server
    2008 and
    8) may display as supported. (UES-9903)
For information about the operating systems that each of
BlackBerry Protect Desktop
agents supports, see the Cylance Endpoint Security compatibility matrix.
The management console unprotected devices screen (Assets > Unprotected devices) incorrectly displays devices running
Windows 10
Enterprise Insider Preview as
The management console unprotected devices screen (Assets > Unprotected devices) does not display the device OS and OS version and results in 'insufficient information' to be displayed for the devices. (UES-9574)
: Configure the schema to allow the required attributes to synchronize from the domain controller to the Global Catalog. For instructions, see Configure your environment to view the device OS and OS version of managed unprotected devices in the administration content.
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
is not compatible with OpenJDK292b10 or ZuluJDK292b10. (UES-3667)
A Java bug for this issue has been logged at