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Management console and platform services fixed issues

Management console
When there were too many device requests to update the
CylancePROTECT Desktop
agent and updates were throttled by the console, after four attempts by the device, the device was temporarily blocked from receiving the agent update. (EPCL-2100)
In the multi-tenant console, when you tried to import an exclusions .csv file for the External Device Control device policy, the "Sorry, something went wrong; please try again later" error message appeared. (EPCL-1632)
When requesting a threat data report, the request was not automatically retried before it was finally determined to be unsuccessful. (EPCL-1718)
rule categories were missing in the SAE1, EUC1, APNE1, and APSE2 regions and needed to be manually imported. (EPCL-471)
When a device was automatically assigned another policy through a new zone rule, the
audit log was missing information about which policy was applied to the device. (EPCL-1889)
When you assigned a zone with devices to the “Test” or “Pilot” zone-based update rules, if the zone had devices with an update available, the target agent version for the device was not specified in the console properly. (EPCL-3)
On the Protection > Threats screen of the
console, you could not add specific threats to the safe or quarantine list. (EPPCL-2588)
Entra ID
You could not authenticate users synchronized from
Entra ID
if the user's email address and UPN did not match. (EID-16967)
If the maximum session age specified in a client was less than the default setting used by
, users that completed
authentication were not prompted to reauthenticate until the session age set in
was reached. This was due to a known
issue. (EID-17965)
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
BlackBerry Router
and proxy settings displayed in the
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
were not applicable to
. (UES-6396)