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fixed issues

Fixed issues in

The Custom Time function on the "Information Exfiltration Events" widget was still usable when the function was turned off. (DLP-7663)
Read-only users will now see "No permission" when they are viewing information protection widgets that they are not authorized to see. (DLP-7489)
If you clicked on some items on the Data Types tab for the "Top exfiltration events by category" widget, you were redirected to an empty events table.  (DLP-7603)
If you clicked on a removable media device from the "Top Exfiltration Events by Location" widget, you were redirected to an empty events table. (DLP-7294)

Fixed issues in

After you saved an information protection policy, you were redirected to the
Cylance Endpoint Security
dashboard page. (DLP-6573)
The information protection user and devices policies are now applied every hour, instead of every 24 hours. (DLP-6102)
Only domains with 2 or 3 characters (for example .ca or .com) were accepted when adding allowed domains in the information protection settings. (DLP-6097)
The file inventory will now only detect and display files that include sensitive data types that were specified in the information protection policies, instead of all of the sensitive files on the endpoint. This will reduce the number of sensitive files in the file inventory. (DLP-5978)
icon on the management console menu bar was replaced with a question mark on some occasions. (DLP-5549)