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Logging and reporting

BlackBerry UEM
 generates logs for the preauthentication and self-rescue features in 
BlackBerry 2FA
. The logs are stored in the 
BlackBerry UEM Core
 (CORE) log file.
In addition to logging information for general troubleshooting purposes, 
BlackBerry UEM
 generates special log lines for preauthentication and self-rescue activity for auditing purposes. You can extract theses log lines to monitor the overall usage of the preauthentication and self-rescue features. These log lines are logged at the INFO level and consist of comma-separated data that is prefixed by universal CORE log information that can be discarded.
These special log lines are tagged with markers that allow you to extract them easily. Two types of activity are monitored: preauthentication requests and authentication requests while the user is preauthenticated. When you extract these lines and discard the universal CORE log information, you can open the comma-delimited data in any software that supports the CSV format. For more information about loggining and reporting, see the .