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Set or cancel Preauthentication

Complete the following task if your organization controls
BlackBerry 2FA
Preauthentication through IT service requests or you want override the existing Preauthentication settings for a user.
  • Verify that the user has a
    BlackBerry 2FA
    profile assigned.
  1. In the
    BlackBerry UEM
    management console, on the menu bar, click
  2. Search for a user.
  3. In the search results, click the name of the user.
  4. In the user summary, click
    Enable bypass for BlackBerry 2FA
  5. In the
    Set bypass period
    dialog box, specify, in hours, how long the user can access your organization's resources without responding to a confirmation prompt on their device or submitting a One-Time Password from a token.
  6. Click
    . The duration is displayed in the user summary.
  7. Optionally, click
    in the user summary to end the Preauthentication period. Users can also end the Preauthentication period by clicking
    Expire now
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service