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Add users and user groups to repositories

Microsoft Active Directory
 users and groups must be added to a repository definition before access permissions can be configured. Users and groups added automatically receive the default access permissions. 
  1.  In the management console, click 
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics > Docs
  2. Click 
  3. Click the 
    Admin Defined
  4. Click a repository
  5. Under 
    Access permissions
    , click .
  6. Select one of the following:  
    • Users
      : In the 
      Add a user
       dialog box, field, type a full or partial search string. Click the user that you want to add.
    • Groups
      : In the 
      Add a group
       screen, select one or more groups. Click The next icon. Click 
  7. Click 
  8. Click 
Grant user and user groups access permissions.