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Define a repository

BlackBerry UEM
users and groups must be added to a repository definition before access permissions can be configured. Users and groups that are added automatically receive the default access permissions.
For users to access their
Microsoft SharePoint
repositories on their devices, make sure that they have the "Read" permission level and the "Browse Directories" permission assigned.
  1. In the management console, click
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics > Docs
  2. Click
  3. Click the
    Admin defined
  4. Click The add icon.
  5. In the
    field, type the name of the repository that will be displayed to users granted mobile access to the repository.
    The repository name must be unique and can contain spaces. The following special characters cannot be used due to third-party limitations:
    • Microsoft SharePoint
      2016, and 2019: ~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }
    • Box
      : \ /|
  6. In the
    drop-down list, select a storage provider.
    If you select
    SharePoint Online
    , and the share is running
    2016 or later, select the
    Add sites followed by users on this site
    check box to make this feature available to users of this share. This setting only applies for personal (my)
    OneDrive for Business
    If your environment is configured for
    Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    , select the
    SharePoint Online
    storage provider.
  7. In the
    field, specify the path to the share. Complete one of the following tasks based on the storage type that you selected in step 6.
    The following variables are supported in the Path field:
    • username
    • sAMAccountName
    • mail
    • dnsDomain
    • If the personal site includes usernames, enter the path including these variables. For example,<sAMAccountName>.
    Storage type
    Enter a fully qualified URL with or without the supported variables listed above.
    SharePoint Online
    If your storage provider is
    Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    , complete this task. 
    Enter a fully qualified URL with or without the supported variables listed above.
    To add "my" or personal
    sites, specify the URL for the "my" site. For example,
    • If your environment uses
      SharePoint Online
      , https://<
      Microsoft SharePoint server
    • If your environment uses
      Microsoft OneDrive for Business
      your O365 domain
    Optionally, to automatically add followed sites, complete the following steps:
    1. Add a repository for the "my" or personal
    2. Select the
      Add sites followed by users on this site
      for the repository.
    3. On the
      tab, enable a user-defined repository permission. Make sure that you select the
      Enable 'User Defined Shares'
      Automatically add sites followed by users
      check boxes. For instructions, see Enable user-defined repository permissions.
  8. In the
    Access permissions
    section, click The add icon.
  9. Select one of the following:
    • Users
      : In the
      Add a user
      dialog box, field, type a full or partial search string. Click the user that you want to add.
    • Groups
      : In the
      Add a group
      screen, select one or more groups. Click The next icon. Click
  10. Click
  11. Click
    . If the save fails and the issue is determined, the appropriate error message is displayed (for example, if you have a repository named Marketing and you create another repository with the same name, the error message
    Repository already exists with name Marketing
    is displayed). Resolve the issue that is specified and save again.