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Replace or delete the 
 trusted connection certificate

When you replace the SSL certificates (for example, when the certificates expire), you replace the existing SSL certificates in the 
 Cloud database. You can choose to upload individual SSL certificates as required or include multiple SSL certificates in a single file. The following file types are supported: .der, .cer, .pem, and .crt.
Export the new SSL certificates from 
Microsoft SharePoint
 on-premises in a base64-encoded or binary-encoded format and store it in a network location that you can access from the management console. 
  1. On the menu, click 
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics > Docs
  2. Click the 
  3. Click 
     below each certificate that you want to delete. Click 
  4. Add the new certificate files as required. For instructions, see Create a trusted connection between BEMS-Docs and Microsoft SharePoint