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Assign an enrollment configuration to

If you created an enrollment configuration and selected "Automatically assign all new devices to this configuration,"
BlackBerry UEM
automatically assigns the configuration when DEP devices synchronize with
. Otherwise, you must assign an enrollment configuration to devices.
synchronizes with DEP on a daily schedule and whenever you view the
DEP devices page.
If the activation status for a device is still pending, you can remove an existing enrollment configuration and assign a new one.
In the
BlackBerry UEM
management console, the following icons indicate the status of enrollment configurations:
the checkmark icon
An enrollment configuration is assigned.
BlackBerry UEM
also displays a check mark for activated devices if the applied DEP enrollment configuration was updated or resaved in the
Device Enrollment Program External Integration settings after the device was activated. If the configuration is updated,
can’t confirm that enrollment configuration used when the device was activated matches the assigned configuration.
No enrollment configuration is assigned.
the clock icon
An enrollment configuration is applied, but it is pending activation.
the activation successful icon
Activation was successful.
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Users > Apple DEP devices
  2. Select the check boxes beside the devices that you want to assign an enrollment configuration to. You must select devices that are registered to the same DEP account.
  3. Click The Assign enrollment configuration icon.
  4. In the
    Enrollment configuration
    drop-down list, select the enrollment configuration that you want to assign.
  5. Click
Distribute the
devices to users. As part of the device setup, devices are activated with
. Users are prompted for a username and password. Company directory users can use their company directory username (in the format domain\username) and password. Local users need to use an activation password. See Set an activation password for the user.