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Steps to activate devices that are enrolled in DEP

When you activate
devices that are enrolled in
's Device Enrollment Program, you perform the following actions:
Step 1
Step 2
If you did not select "Automatically assign new devices to this configuration" when you created the enrollment configuration, or you want to assign a different configuration, assign an enrollment configuration.
Step 3
Optionally, add the
BlackBerry UEM Client
to the app list and assign it to user accounts or user groups. See Add an iOS app to the app list.
Step 4
Step 5
Set an activation password for the user and send an activation email to users using the
DEP email template.
When you set the activation password, you must select the "Default device activation" option.
Company directory users can use their company directory usernames and passwords so you don't need to create an activation password. Users must enter their usernames in the format domain\username (the credentials match your organization's domain and username variables (“%UserDomain%/%UserName%”)). For more information about variables see the Default variables topic.
Users can also enroll using their email address and
Active Directory
Optionally, you can Assign a user to an iOS device. When you assign a user to the device in
BlackBerry UEM
, they are not prompted for a username or password during device activation.
Step 6
Distribute the devices to users and have them complete the setup. After the setup completes, users must install and open the
BlackBerry UEM Client