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Program an NFC sticker to activate devices

Users can download the
BlackBerry UEM Client
and initiate device activation by tapping the device on an NFC tag or sticker. This method is one option to activate
Work space only
Android Enterprise
) and
Work and personal - full control
Android Enterprise
) devices that don’t have access to
Google Play
To allow users to activate devices using this method, you program a third-party NFC sticker with the values needed to instruct the device to download the
UEM Client
and begin activation.
You need the following items:
  • NFC tag or sticker
  • A method to program the sticker such as an
    app that can read and write to NFC stickers.
  1. In the management console, click
    Settings > External integration > Android Enterprise
  2. Under
    NFC enrollment
    , click
    Learn more
  3. On a device with an app that can write data to NFC stickers, open the app and allow the app to connect to the sticker that you want to program and add the following settings:
    1. Set the NFC data type to
    2. Set the content type to
    3. Copy the details from the text box in the management console to the
      field in the app.
  4. Write the settings to the sticker.
After the program is written to the sticker, users should be able to tap the sticker with a new device or a device reset to factory settings to download the
UEM Client
and start the activation.