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Specify the default activation settings

You can specify the default settings for device activation, such as the length of time that an activation password or
QR Code
remains valid before it expires, and whether a
QR Code
can be used for device activation.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > General settings
  2. Click
    Activation defaults
  3. Under
    Device activation defaults
    , specify activation password and
    QR Code
  4. If you are managing
    9.0 and earlier devices and want to use the MDM controls activation type, select the Enable MDM controls activation type for Android devices check box to add MDM controls to the list of activation types in the activation profile.
    This option is enabled by default if
    BlackBerry UEM
    has been upgraded from a previous version. If this option is enabled, you can't disable it.
  5. To allow users to activate
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    apps with a
    QR Code
    , select
    Use QR codes to unlock BlackBerry Dynamics apps
    . For more information, see Generate access keys, activation passwords, or QR Codes for BlackBerry Dynamics apps
  6. To modify how users activate their mobile devices, select or clear the
    Turn on registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure
    check box. If you don't select this option, users will be asked to provide the server address for
    BlackBerry UEM
    when they activate devices. For more information, see Turn on user registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure.
  7. To import or export a list of approved device IDs, browse to your organization’s .csv file that contains a list of approved device IDs. For more information see Import or export a list of approved device IDs.
  8. Click