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Activate Safe Mode in the

If your administrator has set up
for you and has configured the
agent to use Safe Mode, the agent automatically enables Safe Mode protection for network traffic that does not use the Work Mode tunnel.  If you use an unmanaged device, you will be prompted once to allow the
system extension before you can use Safe Mode. After Safe Mode is configured, you cannot disable it. If you try to manually stop the agent, the agent will automatically start in the background on your device.   
  • Install the
    agent. To download the agent, go to the BlackBerry Website and scroll down to the Download
  • Activate the agent using your directory or
    BlackBerry Online Account
    credentials. For more information about activating the agent, see the
    activation email that you received from your administrator. On
    devices, when you are prompted, make sure that you select the "Allow Gateway to filter network content."
  1. On your
    device open the
  2. If you are prompted, allow the system extensions for
    . Perform the following actions:
    1. On the
      SafeMode Activation
      prompt, click
      Open Security Preferences
    2. Click
      Security & Privacy
    3. Click
      Click the lock to make changes
    4. In the
      System Preferences
      dialog box, enter the administrator password for your device. Click
    If you do not allow Safe Mode on your device, the
    agent displays
    Work Mode Disabled - Safe Mode Inactive
When the connection is established, the "Work Mode Disabled - Safe Mode Active" status appears. If you enable Work Mode, the status displays "Work Mode Enabled - Safe Mode Inactive."
  • If the connection is not established, click The Safe Mode - tunnel not established icon to view more information about an error. 
  • To view warnings about suspicious network activity, click The Warnings icon. From the Warnings screen, you can also choose to clear and mute warning notifications.
  • To view the policies that are assigned to the agent by your administrator, click The Policy Settings icon.