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Create and configure an alert template for events

  1. Log in to the
    portal administrator console.
  2. In the filter navigator, type
    Alert Templates For Events
    , and then select
    Alert Templates For Events
  3. On the
    Alert Templates
    screen, click
  4. On the
    Alert Templates - New Record
    screen, select
    Case [sn_customerservice_case]
    from the
    pull-down list.
  5. On the
    What to Send
    tab, enter a title in the
    field. You can enter from 3 to 100 characters.
  6. In the
    field, enter up to 4000 characters of text. For example:
    A Security Alert has been Escalated and requires your attention: Case Number ${number} Short Description: ${short_description} ${custom_last_comment}
    • ${field_name} entries are placeholders. The value of the placeholder is dynamically populated from the case record.
    • ${custom_placeholder} entries are custom placeholders. Their values are also dynamically populated from the case record, but need additional processing to extract the value from them.
  7. Optionally, in the
    field, select a severity from the pull-down list.
  8. Optionally, in the
    More Info Link
    field, enter a placeholder link. For example,
  9. Click the
    Whom to Send - Groups
  10. Click The Unlock icon to unlock the
    Dynamic Target Groups
    section and select groups to target.
    Do not select any Target Users or Dynamic Target Users in the
    Whom to Send - Users
  11. Click the
    Which devices to Send
    tab and select the devices from the
    Delivery Method
    field on which to send alerts. Only devices that are paired in the
    Pair Device
    module are displayed.
    As you select devices, they are populated automatically in the
    Targeted Devices
  12. Click
  13. In the top navigation bar, click
  14. In the filter navigator, type
    Alert Template For Events
    and then select
    Alert Template For Events
  15. On the
    Alert Templates
    screen, click the number in the
    column for the alert template you just created.
  16. On the alert template details screen, take note of the number in the
  17. In the filter navigator, type
    Business Rules
  18. Click
    Business Rules
    in the
    System Definition
  19. On the
    Business Rules
    screen, click
    Event Ticket Escalation
    Tip: To find the
    Event Ticket Escalation
    entry, select
    from the
    Business Rules
    search pull-down list and type
    Event Ticket Escalation
  20. On the
    Business Rule - Event Ticket Escalation
    screen, click the
  21. In the
    //Link Alert Template that needs to be triggered for the event
    section, enter the identifier number that you identified in Step 16 as the value for the
    var alert_template_unique_id =
  22. Click