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Enable two-factor authentication

 Enabling two-factor authentication means enabling 
BlackBerry 2FA
, deciding its authenticator ranking, and assigning an authentication policy that requires its authentication level.
  • Enable 
    BlackBerry 2FA
    BlackBerry UEM
     and apply the 
    BlackBerry 2FA
     profile to the user or group.
  • Ensure any users that need to use 
    BlackBerry 2FA
     have their mobile devices and that they are activated. For more information about activating devices, see the BlackBerry 2FA content.
  1. Assign 
    BlackBerry 2FA
     to an authentication level. For more information, see Managing authentication levels
  2. Configure an authentication policy that specifies 
    BlackBerry 2FA
     as the authentication level to be used by a particular group of users or specific service. For more information, see Managing authentication policies.