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Configure the network detection risk factor

You cannot enable the network detection risk factor in
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
  1. In the
    BlackBerry UEM
    management console, click
    Settings > BlackBerry Enterprise Identity > Settings.
  2. Enter the work network host name of the
    BlackBerry UEM
    server that your work computers and devices use. Alternatively, enter the DNS pool name that resolves to multiple
    BlackBerry UEM
    server IP addresses.
  3. Confirm that your work computers and devices can connect to the host name via the port number listed. The risk factor will not work if the port is blocked by a firewall.
  4. Click
  5. The work computer browsers and devices must trust the certificate when they connect to the work network host name, and the default certificate is self-signed and untrusted. You can upload a trusted
    BlackBerry Web Services
    certificate in
    BlackBerry UEM
    . Click
    Server certificates
    SSL certificate for BlackBerry Web Services
When you create or edit an Enterprise Identity authentication policy, click the
Network detection
checkbox to add the risk factor. For more information about creating authentication policies, see Create an Enterprise Identity authentication policy.