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Create a SaaS service in the 
BlackBerry UEM

: If you want to create two instances of the same type of service in 
BlackBerry UEM
 (for example, 
), you must provide different Service provider entity IDs for each instance. 
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry UEM
     management console, on the menu bar, click 
  2. Click 
    BlackBerry Enterprise Identity > Services
  3. Click plus-icon.png.
  4. Select the type of service that you want to create (for example 
  5. In the 
    Add a BlackBerry Enterprise Identity service
     screen, enter the service provider metadata. This metadata is specific to the service provider and your organization. Note that only the fields that are associated with the selected service template display.
    Mobile zero sign-on
    Select this option if you want to enable mobile zero-sign-on.
    Enter the SaaS provider name.
    The tenant description is optional.
    Add a logo to associate with the service.
    Service provider entity ID
    Enter the URL or unique name you use to access the SaaS service.
    Assertion consumer service POST URL
    Enter the POST URL provided by the service provider.
    IdP-initiated login support
    Enter the type of login support that your organization requires.
    Signing options
    Enter your assertion choice.
    IdP signing certificate
    Enter the x509 certificate shared with the service provider.
    IdP signing private key
    Enter the x509 key for the corresponding signing certificate. Keep this secure.
    Encryption certificate
    Enter the encryption certificate
    Service-specific information
    Some services require additional information or information slightly different than these descriptions. Most of the time this additional information is preconfigured.
    Claims - Name identifier attribute
    Select the identifier attribute for your claim.
    SAML claim attributes
    • Name - Enter a name for your SAML claim
    • SAML attribute - Enter your SAML attribute
    • SAML claim type
      • Local - if you choose a Local claim, you have to select an option in the Attribute value list. This will map a SAML attribute to an attribute type known to 
        BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
        , such as User name
      • Static - if you choose a Static claim, you have to type an option in the Attribute value field
      • Directory - if you choose Directory, you can type the name of an 
        Active Directory
         attribute. Values that match the text that you type are suggested automatically. 
    • Attribute value - select or type an attribute value. This is a defined attribute value that your SaaS service might require to set up the service for your organization's users.
    • Attribute type - select a type for the attribute. The type is based on your SaaS service requirements. The default is anyType.
    • Optionally, if you want the attribute to be required, select the 
  6. Click