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Hardware requirements

  • A minimum of Dual-Core Dual CPUs (2 Dual-Core CPUs such as Xeon 51xx family, Xeon E53xx family or X53xx family) 2GHz or higher
  • One database server core for each of the two application server cores
  • 512 MB per application server core plus 2 GB for Windows 2012
  • Recommended
    : Dual, redundant Intel NICs and power supplies
  • If using Broadcom NICs, complete the following steps:
    1. Ensure that the latest drivers are installed.
    2. Disable the TCP Chimney feature, as described in the following Microsoft® article:
  • Disk space for storage on a RAID 5, RAID 0+1 or RAID 10 configured disk system.The exact allocation of disks depends on the hardware configuration.
These requirements are for a small-scale installation. For a large-scale installation, content BlackBerry AtHoc support for assistance.