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Create users in the BlackBerry AtHoc management system

In order to send BBM-E messages to end users, you must ensure that those users exist in the BlackBerry AtHoc management system.
You must have End User Manager privileges to create users.
  1. Log in to the BlackBerry AtHoc management console as an End User Manager.
  2. In the navigation bar, click
  3. Click
  4. On the
    screen, click
    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the New User screen are required.
  5. On the
    New User
    screen, in the
    Basic Information
    section, enter the following details about the user:
    • Username: The name the user is assigned by the system. Usernames are frequently imported from external systems and cannot be edited later.
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Display Name: The name used to refer to the user within the system, such as bsmith or Jack Jones. This field can be edited later by the end user.
    • Any custom fields added by the administrators, including details such as CPR certification status, Emergency Community membership, or special skills.
  6. In the
    Online Addresses
    section, in the
    field, enter the user's email address. This address must be the address used to receive BBM-E messages.
  7. In the
    Distribution List Membership
    section, specify the distribution lists the user is a member of.
    Required memberships are provided by default and cannot be deleted. If you do not have management permissions for a group, the group is read-only.
  8. In the
    Advanced Information
    section, which is configurable for each system, complete any required fields plus any of the non-required fields you want to include in the account details for the user.
  9. Provide a password that meets the displayed rules, if required.
  10. Click
The details of the new user then appear in summary form on the screen.