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Configure the BBM Enterprise Alerts plug-in settings

  1. In the
    NDS Console
    , click
  2. In the
    left pane
    , select
  3. In the
    field, update the following attribute values, as appropriate for your setup:
    • <bbmeURL>—Enter the URL of your BBME server.
    • <responseURL>—Enter the URL of the server where the response service is installed, followed by
      . If you are using a load balancer, enter the URL of the load balancer.
    • <requestPerSec>—Enter the number of requests that can be sent to the BBME server by the NDS application servers, per second. The maximum is 100 for all servers. (If you are using two application servers, set this value to 50.)
    • <maxTasksPerExecution>—Enter the maximum number of delivery tasks BBME can process in a single batch. The default is 200.
    • <maxBacklot>—Enter the maximum number of outstanding delivery tasks BBME can process at any time. The default is 1000.
    • <minBatchSize>—Enter the minimum available batch size that BBME can offer to NDS before capacity is available. The default is 10.
    • <taskTimeout>—Enter the time (in seconds) that a task remains active before the system retries the task. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes.)
    • <configKey>—Enter
    • <selfTestInterval>—Enter the frequency of the connection test, in seconds, with the BBMe server.
  4. Click