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What is BBM Enterprise Alerts?

With BBM Enterprise Alerts, BBM Enterprise users can use BBM-E as the main experience for all organization communication, including crisis communications.
BBM Enterprise Alerts has the following use cases:
  • Alerts:
    During an emergency, organizations can target communications to all or a subset of their users with secure, fast, reliable, and prominent communication.
  • Account:
    During and after an emergency, organizations can collect information from their user base.
Share critical safety information during a crisis
BBM Enterprise Alerts is powered by BlackBerry® AtHoc®, a recognized leader in crisis communication. BBM Enterprise alerts provides the following benefits:
  • Track the safety status of your personnel.
  • Leverage secure and trusted chat from BBM-E for sharing important safety information with employees.
  • Conform to high-security government communication standards for sharing critical confidential information.
  • Distinguish critical alerts from operational messages with a differentiated in-product experience.
  • Improve your incident response and collaboration during weather-related events, man-made emergencies, and critical IT outages.