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Importing users from a .csv file

Only the following .csv entries apply to importing users for 
BBM Enterprise
  • Username (mandatory)
  • First name (optional) 
  • Last Name (optional)
  • Contact email (mandatory for 
    BBM Enterprise
  • Title (optional)
  • Department (optional)
  • Company phone or mobile phone (optional) 
These fields are shown in the 
BBM Enterprise
 Cloud Directory when searching for a user activated for 
BBM Enterprise
BlackBerry UEM
. For each user, this content available in the 
BBM Enterprise
 Cloud directory only if the Cloud Directory policy is enabled in the 
BBM Enterprise
 policy assigned to the user.
  • Group membership: MDM (
    BlackBerry UEM
    ) (always set to FALSE if importing for 
    BBM Enterprise
     purposes only)
Do not specify activation details (template, password) because these do not work unless the user is set to be MDM-enabled in the .csv file. 
To import all the properties, you must take the following steps:
  • When you create a local user, expand Additional details and enter information in the Department, Title, and Work or Mobile phone fields as required.
  • If you are creating many users from a .csv file, populate the columns with the appropriate information. 
  • If you are configuring a specific Acitve Directory or LDAP group, check the
    Synchronize additional user details box
After importing, users are enabled for 
BBM Enterprise
 because they are added in to a 
BBM Enterprise
 enabled group (a group with 
BBM Enterprise
You may have to wait some time to see all the users enabled for 
BBM Enterprise
, as 
 works to create them.