BBM Enterprise

Set up one or more 
BBM Enterprise
 profiles to control the way 
BBM Enterprise
 is configured for users or groups of users. For more information on using profiles in 
BlackBerry UEM
, see “Profiles” in the BlackBerry UEM Administration content or “Profiles” in the BlackBerry UEM Cloud Administration content.
  1. On the menu bar,click 
    Policies and profiles
    BBM Enterprise
  2. Click 
    Add a profile
  3. Type a name and description for the profile.
  4. Select one or more license types and then select any of the following policies to enable for each license type in this profile.
  5. License type
    BBM Enterprise
    Enable Cloud Directory Search
    Allow a user to search for their coworkers who use 
    , and allow a user to start a protected chat with a coworker who isn't a 
     contact. This setting is enabled by default.
    Exclude from Search
    Exclude a user from searches by other users in the organization.
    Exclude from External Search
    Exclude a user from searches by users from other 
    BBM Enterprise
     organizations. This setting is enabled by default. 
    Enable Manual Passphrase
    Prompt a user to manually share a passphrase with a contact to start a protected chat.
    By default, this feature is turned off, and users in your organization aren't prompted to share a passphrase to start a protected chat.
    Disable Retract and Edit Message
    Prevent a user from retracting messages or chats they didn't mean to send, or to edit messages they already sent.
    Disable Timed Message
    Prevent users from sending messages that can be viewed for a specified amount of time.
    Disable Message Copy
    Prevent a user from copying messages in a chat, copying chats, emailing chats, saving images, and sharing images. This setting does not apply to forwarding messages in a chat or file attachments that can be opened in another app.
    Disable Voice Calling
    Prevent a user from starting a voice chat.
    Disable Video Calling
    Prevent a user from starting a video chat.
    Disable Screen Sharing
    Prevent a user from sharing their desktop and any desktop applications. 
    Disable File Sharing
    Prevent a user from sharing content within chats, including pictures, videos, contact cards, files, and voice notes.
    Disable Location Sharing
    Prevent a user from sharing a static location or sending a 
    Restrict External Communication
    Prevent a user from using 
    BBM Enterprise
     to communicate with contacts that are not in the same organization.
    Enable Message Expiry
    Specify, in minutes, the length of time that messages appear on a user's device. After the time elapses, all sent and received messages are deleted from the user's device, including messages with contacts that aren't in your organization.
    Message Synchronization Window
    Specify, in days, the length of time that messages can be synchronized when adding a new device or switching to a new device. The default is 7 days. The minimum value is 3 days and the maximum value is 90 days.
    Disable Upload of HD-Quality Pictures
    Prevent a user from sharing HD-quality pictures in chats. Picture quality will be reduced.
    Disable Software Upgrade Prompt
    Prevent software upgrade prompts from being displayed.
    Require passcode to unlock 
    BBM Enterprise
    Indicates that a user is required to set an application lock for 
    BBM Enterprise
    Allow biometric authentication
    Indicates that an application lock based on biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or face recognition, is allowed. Note that the target device must support biometric authentication before you can use this feature..
    Require passcode after app is closed for a specified period
    Specify the maximum period of time before application lock will take effect. The user will be able to specify a shorter period of time, if desired. An immediate lock requires the user to unlock the app every time it is opened.
    BBM Enterprise Voice and Video
    BBM Enterprise Archiving
    These policies can be edited only by a 
    BlackBerry UEM
     Security administrator.
    Upload Frequency
    Specify, in minutes, the length of time between uploads. The range is 240 to 1440 minutes (4 to 24 hours).
    Max File Size Before Upload
    Set the maximum file size for uploads, in KB. The range is 10 KB to 1000 KB.
    Archiving encryption settings
    Set an encryption key and a user-friendly key name. The encryption key is used to encrypt the content of the archived payload. The friendly name helps administrators to manage the key and to identify the log files.
  6. Click