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Remove the
BlackBerry UEM

When you decommission a
BlackBerry UEM
node or legacy
BlackBerry Dynamics
server, make sure that active containers have contacted the new nodes to obtain an updated connectivity profile before the old nodes are removed. Bring up the new nodes and keep the old nodes running for a transitional period. For example, if you set the connectivity verification period to 30 days and the inactivity threshold to 60 days, allow 60 days for the transition to complete.
  • If you have it configured, remove the
    domain connection. For more information, see the Configuration content.
  • If you are troubleshooting, back up the following data before decommissioning:
    • \Program Files\BlackBerry\UEM\Logs
    • BlackBerry UEM
  1. On the taskbar, click
    Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  2. Click
    Uninstall a program
  3. Click
    BlackBerry UEM
  4. Click
  5. If the uninstall application prompts you to restart the computer to finish removing the
    BlackBerry UEM
    software, click
You can remove third-party software that the setup application installed during the
BlackBerry UEM
installation process (for example, you can remove the
software from the computer).