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Post-upgrade checklist

Review this checklist after you upgrade to the latest version of
BlackBerry UEM
Confirm that all servers and components have been upgraded to the same version.
Do not manually start any services that are not set to Automatic.
Validate that all
services that are set to Automatic are started.
Confirm device connectivity. Device connectivity may be functional after at least one
BlackBerry UEM Core
server and at least one
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
are upgraded, but in larger environments, full functionality should not be expected until all servers are fully upgraded.
Launch the
management console and validate its functionality. See Logging in to BlackBerry UEM for the first time.
Validate that all installed
instances are visible and running (Settings > Infrastructure).
. See the Configuration content.
If you use
Knox Mobile Enrollment
, confirm that the configuration.json file is up to date. For instructions, see KB 108125.