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Prerequisites: Install a BlackBerry Connectivity Node instance

  • Verify that the computer is running 
    Windows PowerShell
     2.0 or later. This is required for the setup application to install RRAS for 
    BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
     and the 
    BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
    If the setup application cannot install RRAS on the computer, you must stop the installation, install RRAS manually, and restart the installation.
  • Use a 
     account with permissions to install and configure software on the computer that will host the 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
  • Verify that the following outbound ports are open in your organization's firewall so that the 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
     components (and any associated proxy servers) can communicate with the 
    BlackBerry Infrastructure
    • 443 (HTTPS) to activate the 
      BlackBerry Connectivity Node
    • 3101 (TCP) for all other outbound connections