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View license information

You can view license information for your organization on the Licensing summary page and license information for a device in the user's device details. The management console displays license information based on the last snapshot of the license pool in the licensing infrastructure.
If you remove features from users or devices or deactivate devices, the changes will appear immediately on the user's Device tab, but they will not appear on the Licensing summary page until 
BlackBerry UEM
 takes a new snapshot of the license pool in the licensing infrastructure.
The Licensing summary displays the licenses in use across all on-premises and cloud instances in your organization. Each license type displays a warning if it will expire soon. By default, the warning appears 28 days before licenses expire. If you renew licenses, the new expiration date will appear in the Licensing summary after the existing licenses expire. 
If the Licensing summary page does not display any license information, the connection to the licensing infrastructure is not available.
  1. On the menu bar, click 
    Settings > Licensing
  2. View the following license information for each license type:
    • Total in use: The number of identity-based and server licenses in use.
    • SIM license: The number of identity-based licenses in use.
    • Server license: The total number of server licenses, the number of available licenses, the number of licenses in use, and the license expiration dates.
To view license information for a device, go to the appropriate device tab for a user account.