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System requirements: SNMP monitoring

BlackBerry UEM
You can configure SNMP monitoring for the following
BlackBerry UEM
  • BlackBerry Cloud Connector
  • BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
  • BlackBerry Secure Gateway
  • BlackBerry UEM Core
BlackBerry UEM
components do not support SNMP monitoring.
SNMP management tool
If the management tool does not include a MIB compiler, install a MIB compiler on the computer that hosts the management tool.
If you want the SNMP service to send trap messages to report on server activity, verify that the management tool includes an SNMP trap management tool. Alternatively, you can install a standalone SNMP trap management tool on a computer that hosts
BlackBerry UEM
, or on a separate computer.
Network access
The computer that hosts the SNMP management tool, or a standalone SNMP trap management tool, must be able to access and receive data from the computers where
BlackBerry UEM
is installed.
SNMP service
On the computers where
BlackBerry UEM
is installed, install an SNMP service that includes an SNMP agent and SNMP trap service.
An SNMP service is available in most versions of
. For more information, visit
SNMP service settings
On the computers where
BlackBerry UEM
is installed, in the
Services, configure the following SNMP service settings:
  • A valid SNMP community name
  • A minimum of read-only permission for the SNMP community
  • The IP addresses of names of the computers that the SNMP service can accept SNMP data from.