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Using dashboard reports

The dashboard uses graphs to present information from the
BlackBerry UEM
services about users and devices on your system. You can use the cursor to hover over a data point (for example, a slice in a pie chart) to see information about the users or devices.
If you need more information, you can display a report from the graph to see detailed information about users or devices. The maximum number of records in a report is 2000. You can generate a .csv file from a report and export the file for further analysis or reporting purposes.
To see a demonstration of how use the dashboard, visit our
To open and manage a user account, you can click the user or device in a report. When you are finished with an account, you can click Back on the page (not the browser) to return to the report.
The following table describes the information each dashboard report displays.
Dashboard report
Devices roaming and not roaming
A list of users with devices that are currently in a roaming state
Device activations
A dynamic representation of the devices activated each month in your organization over a 12-month period, based on when the devices were initially activated. The numbers change to reflect currently activated devices. For example, if a device that you activated in August is deactivated, the number of devices shown in August is reduced by one.
Top 5 assigned apps installed
The five most common apps assigned by your organization and installed on devices
Devices by platform
A list of the devices in your organization, by platform
Device compliance
A list of issues detected on
, or
devices in your organization
Devices by last contact time
The number of days that have passed since devices last contacted the server
Devices by carriers
A list of the devices in your organization, by service provider
Top 5 device models
The five most common mobile device models in your organization