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Event types

You can create event notifications for the following event types:


  • Administrator account locked

App management

  • App added to user group
  • App assigned to user
  • App removed from user group
  • App removed from user
  • App definition created
  • App definition deleted
  • App definition updated
  • App group disposition updated
  • App user disposition updated
  • Android Enterprise
    app configuration updated
  • Android Enterprise
    app approved
  • Android Enterprise
    new app permissions
  • Android Enterprise
    app updated
  • Android Enterprise
    app availability changed
  • Android Enterprise
    app installation failed
  • iOS
    VPP account expiry
  • Android Enterprise
    app feedback
  • Android Enterprise
    app error feedback

BDMI signing

  • BDMI signing failed (on-premises only)


  • Compliance breached
  • Compliance restored

BlackBerry Protect

  • Safe browsing
  • Safe messaging
  • Malicious app removed from UEM
  • Malicious app detected on device
  • Sideloaded app detected on device


  • Failed sending administrator email
  • BlackBerry Infrastructure
    connection (with
    BlackBerry UEM Core
    ) established (on-premises only)
  • BlackBerry Infrastructure
    connection (with
    BlackBerry UEM Core
    ) failed (on-premises only)
  • BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
    access failed
  • DEP connection established
  • DEP connection failed
  • Directory connection synchronization failed
  • Service connections for UEM instance changed


  • DEP token expiry (30 days before expiry)
  • Activation completed
  • Activation failed
  • Deactivated


  • Device deleted
  • Device model added
  • Device model updated
  • Device OS added
  • Device ownership change
  • Command sent
  • Command delivered
  • Allow
    BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
  • SIM swap
  • Android 10 device activated with MDM Controls
  • User device state changed


  • Group created
  • Group deleted
  • Group added to user group
  • Group added to user
  • Group removed from user group
  • User removed from group

Policies and profiles

  • Policy or profile created
  • Policy or profile deleted
  • Policy or profile sent
  • Policy or profile delivered
  • Policy or profile delivery failed
  • Policy or profile assigned to group
  • Policy or profile assigned to user
  • Policy or profile unassigned from group
  • Policy or profile unassigned from user
  • Policy or profile signature storing
  • Policy or profile signature validation
  • IT policy pack updated
  • Metadata updated


  • Device performance alert


  • User created
  • User deleted

Push Notification

  • APNs certificate expiry (30 days before expiry)


  • License expiration warning

Server certificates

  • Certificate expiry